With the sudden surge in remote work required in the music industry, Lion House Productions are offering what would usually be kept for visiting artists through remote session performances with studio quality instruments and hardware.



Juno 106

Moog Model D

Upright Piano

Bass Guitar

API & Neve Style Class A Pre Amps

Studio Quality Microphones

Hardware 1176 and LA2A clones

Hardware Tube Style EQs

Professional Team with Decades of Experience

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What you'll get:

- Studio quality multitrack recordings at your chosen sample rate

- Performances from professionals with decades of industry experience

- Parts created and tailored from your brief and instructions

- A choice of instruments, recording techniques and microphones

- Optional hardware processing through tube compressors and EQ's

- Professional recordings at a fraction of the price of a typical studio session

Send us an email or give us a call to discuss rates and availability.

lionhousepro (at) gmail (dot) com

west sussex

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